A Photographic Timeline of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

A photographic timeline of the Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln with Photos, Pictures and Images

Fords Theater where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Lincoln was assassinated at Fords Theater in Washington DC on April 14, 1865.  The theater was draped in black after his death.

Lincoln's box at Fords Theater where he was assassinated.

Actual piece of wallpaper from the Theater box where Lincoln was assassinated.

John Wilkes Booth shoots the fatal shot in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The assassination of  President Lincoln

Actual chair Lincoln was assassinated in with blood stains from is mortal wound evident. Photo taken at Fords Theater.

Rare photograph showing the interior of Lincoln's theater box shortly after he was assassinated.

Details of the coat Lincoln was wearing on the night of the assassination.

Booth leaps from Lincoln's theater box after the assassinaton

After assassinating President Lincoln, Booth breaks his leg after jumping from the President's box.

Derringer used by Booth to assassinate Lincoln

Booth on stage, as they attend to the mortally wounded President Lincoln. 

 Another image of Booth after he had assassinated the President, leaped from the box and broke his leg.

Picture of President Lincoln's theater box, shortly after where he was assassinated.

After President Lincoln was assassinated he was taken across the street from Fords Theater to this house.

Lincoln being attended to by a doctor after being moved across the street.

A group of government officials gathers at the bedside of the assassinated president Lincoln

Another image of those gathered around the assassinated president.

Mary Lincoln at the bedside of the assassinated president

The blood stained bed where President Lincoln died after the assassination.

Reward Poster for the capture of Booth.

Fords Theater draped in black curtains after Lincolns assassination and death.

Lincoln shown in the coffin displayed in New York, 1865

Lincoln's funeral procession